1. Start your day with God, end your day with God.
2. Sow good things, reap good things.
3. There is no free will, there is only God's will.
4. Everything comes from God and returns to God.
5. Think of me for a while, I will be with you all the while.
6. You give me your sadness and take my happiness.
7. Be like a bird in the air free and light.
8. If we have patience in life and not expect anything, we will be real free.
9. How many difficulties we ever face, how many pains may be felt, when the devotee reaches me, all difficulties will be driven away and the way to happiness is paved.
10. Be happy, make other happy and reach me happily.
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The words from God are pure gemstones - completely precious!
Maybe in this moment the message seems be not useful to you, but one day on the journey of your life they will heal you by being a precious remedy.

11 - 14
Everybody runs after money and this is really negative. Beware of that. If we think always about money and more richness and how to increase our business, then we will fall into a deep hole. If we are blessed with money and properties, then it is advisable to think: We got enough to be able to live a simple and good life. Balasairam ! 

11 - 4
My blessing gives you in many ways a great benefit. Above all it gives you courage and power, which you need to look tranquilly into the eyes of your karma and your problems. This is a kind of remedy, which I give you. Balasairam!

10 - 27
The effect of karma can be compared to be a bad odour. If you want to get rid of it then you need to add a lot of good air and sweet fragrance. Bad karma can be balanced by carrying out more good karma. With each act you perform karma. God is not bound to karma. He is like a big fireball. What falls into him will be completely burnt. Balasairam!

10 - 14
The mind functions according to your karma. Every occurrence in your life has been caused once by good and bad thoughts. Even the single thought is the result you have sowed in former times. Balasairam!

10 - 7
The planet does not perish, at least very soon. God will protect those humans, who believe and think about God. They all will survive. Those who do not believe will perish. The earth on the other hand will never perish. The planet will always survive. The human beings believe that the end is close *but this is wrong. However, it is true that those who do not believe and do not have human values will gradually disappear from this planet. Balasairam!

9 - 28
Karma - your former actions is the cause for everything, which happens to you. Pray and beg, that I will give you the spiritual power to help to accept your destiny. Be a good karma warrior. With a good karma you can correct your old bad behaviour and you will become a better human next life. I also respect the laws and *dharma and karma. Balasairam!

9 - 17
You cannot flatter or manipulate the karma which consists of cause and effects *actions and reactions. It executes unhesitatingly its power over you. Balasairam!

9 - 10
One part of the humans gets promoted and the part is put back according to their past karma, actions and deeds. No new souls come down on earth; everything turns only around in a circle. The mosquito gets promoted; a bad human being gets put back. That is all. That is why you cannot intervene in the in crease in the world population.   Balasairam!

9 - 2
Nobody can perform the spiritual practices for us. We need to make our own efforts. What we have saved on our spiritual bank account, nobody can take away. More over, this is the only item, which we can take with us when we die. Therefore, we should not cease to perform any spiritual practices!
-Sri Balasaibaba-

8 -23
God is *
Sarva Antaryamin. That means He is the inner dweller of all His creatures. The knowledge that God is present in you always should inspire you to act only in a positive way and to eschew any bad actions. God sees everything at anytime and at any place. God is the eternal and the soul witness.
-Sri Balasaibaba-
Sarwa means all, Antar means inner, yamin means resident
The whole meaning is: Who lives in all the hearts.

8 - 15
Whenever you are together with a divine incarnation, you should be ready to write everything down what is expressed by God. Otherwise His words will be a waste of time and energy. The words of God are pure jewellery and are extremely precious. 
-Sri Balasaibaba-

8 - 8
God does not to punish anybody, this happens automatically by the karmic law of cause and effect. What you sow, that you have to harvest. The fruits of the tree, which you plant, you have to eat. If you plant a coconut tree then you cannot expect afterwards a papaya.
-Sri Balasaibaba-

8 - 1
The divine incarnation has no students, but only devotees. For instance, a divine incarnation can at any time lift a devotee into a higher state of awareness or confer him any perception. For this act the physical presence of the devotee is not necessary. In any case the divine incarnation can cause and alter everything without any physical contact or directly touching the devotee.
-Sri Balasaibaba-

7 - 19
At this particular place we do have the extreme luck that the spiritual master and God are one. Thus, in the times of teachings listen to Me and treat Me as your Guru. Whereas in times of meditation concentrate on Me as your God!
-Sri Balasaibaba-

7 - 11
We can never say how God is truly. He dose not possess these or those qualities. He reflects all the pictures, which represent you. To the friendly one He shows the friendliness, to the wrathful one He shows the jealousy, God is like a mirror. He does not have any identity. He is everything!
-Sri Balasaibaba-

6 - 1
When staying close to Me, those things, which you conceive, will be fulfilled. It is like sitting close to an open fire.
The heat of the fire radiates to all directions and even those who are sitting far away will be warmed up. Be therefore always awake and do not allow your thoughts to be occupied by things, which you might not want. When you think will come true.
-Sri Balasaibaba-

5 - 26
If you own all worth on earth, but you have lost God, then you will be the poorest man in the universe. However, if you own God, even if you do possess anything on earth, then you will be the richest man in the entire universe.
-Sri Balasaibaba-

5 - 1
If you are blessed with the power of muscles, then use it for the good. If you are intelligent, then you use this ability to do good. If you have a lot of money, then you use it for the good. Whatever you own, do good things with it!!
-Sri Balasaibaba -

4 - 14
If we always expect that somebody from the outside have to do us something good in order to be content, then we are hopelessly betrayed and sold. Then, we would train ourselves everyday once again to see and recognize always the good things in the apparent sorrowful situations of the life. By being always sad, we destroy our lives.
Much love and blessing from Baba to you.
-Sri Balasaibaba -

2004 - 3 - 7
A lot of you meditate on the light with which they want to be one! Light is the Supreme! In former times as nowadays I was only light, but I have additionally taken a form!
- Sri Balasaibaba-

Dieser Text is entnommen aus (taken from): http://www.sribalasaibaba.com/satsang.htm